Special weekend – Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi

“In calmness be like a mountain, in motion like a big river.” 

 area doi sakret, chiang mai, thailand
We enjoy the nature around! For example the wonderful trees, like the Kapok tree, Red silk cotton Tree,
ดอกงิ้วหลวง, Dok Ngiuw loungm, Bombax ceiba. A wonderful amaizing tree!
The Thais dry the filaments inside the blossom and use it as a special spice.
Kapok tree, Bombax ceiba

Pampasgrasmountain view with pampasgras

MaeKuang, Doi-Saket

Tai Chi, Peking Form
breakfast-khaotom-genugdaWe exercise a lot, here: early in the morning on the damm of Mae Kuang, Doi Saket, Thailand. After exercise we enjoy our breakfast, of course: Khao Tom, Rice Soup. It was a great weekend! Wonderful nature! Perfect Treatment! Great company! Even with the four-legs-beings.


bougainvilleayoga dog